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Lucas Westcoat is a Seattle Photographer.

I fell in love with photography in 2002 when I borrowed my mom’s beat up Minolta for a college project about visual storytelling. I walked around campus for hours snapping photos of the people, buildings and scenes I'd walked by a thousand times before. Somehow they looked different to me through the hazy viewfinder of that well-loved camera.

Since then, I've sought out hundreds of opportunities to expand my understanding of photography and editing. Over the years I've learned that I enjoy experimenting with new styles that convey mood and draw a specific emotion from the viewer.

I enjoy photographing things that interest me. Music, travel, and most of all people. I've been around the world a few times and seen some amazing things, but there's nothing more complex and interesting to me than a singular human being.

Photography for me is a creative outlet; A moonlighting occupation that allows me to step outside of the version of myself that subconsciously counts minutes. Looking through the viewfinder, I can concentrate on, appreciate and capture scenes and expressions while leaving the rest of the world outside of the frame. I hope you enjoy what you see.




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